I grew up in the West and earned degrees in philosophy and English from Colorado State University before moving to the Pacific Northwest for twenty years. I've worn a variety of hats, including driver's license examiner, bookseller, and newspaper ad manager. I traveled the world as a localization program manager for Microsoft, but am now back in Colorado where I currently write the Magical Bakery Mysteries and the Enchanted Garden Mysteries. I live with my guy and our tabby, Cheesecat the Orange. 

Like many of my cozy characters, I believe magic is all around us if we only look for it. Having apprenticed with a master herbalist for a year, I'm prone to concocting teas and tinctures for family and friends from the stash of herbs stored in the corner cabinet in my office. 

For two years, I managed my own soap making company, including product design, manufacturing and marketing. Aromatherapy played a large part in that business, and I have a collection of essential oils next to my herb stash. Unlike the main character in the Enchanted Garden Mysteries, I don't distill my own oils...yet.

When I'm not writing, I love to cook, peruse cookbooks, garden, read, bike and hike the gorgeous terrain outside my door.

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